How To Buy


Every piece that has a price* written next to it is for sale. So choose one that You like and press “Order”.

At the top right of the page you will see a list of paintings that you have chosen. After going through them, formulate your order.

IMPORTANT: Whilst filling in the order form, make sure you correctly entered your contact details- otherwise we will not be able to reach You.

After receiving your order, in the time span of two work days, we will e-mail you a confirmation, reserve the selected pieces and arrange the details of the purchase.


If a piece of your interest is already reserved (it’s description has RESERVED written in it), you can still fill out an order – within the span of ten days we will e-mail you telling whether the piece is still up for purchase.



*If the selected piece is two-sided, then the price assigned is either of the prices designated on the two sides.