Exhibition at LNM


 National Museum of Lithuania


The exhibition is devoted to the 80th anniversary of the birth of the architect Romualdas Šilinskas

Dec 11th, 2014 – Feb 16th, 2015

The idea to commemorate this extraordinary person with a new exhibition at the National Museum of Lithuania was advanced by the architect and editor-in-chief of Archiforma magazine Leonardas Vaitys.

The exhibition consisted of three parts. The first part represented Vilnius and its metamorphoses painted and drawn by Šilinskas. The second part – the architect’s timeline reflected in projects, photographs of buildings and other material, and the last part was displayed in an information terminal containing the last drawings created circa 1990–1991 and oral descriptions of various compositions of drawings recorded by the artist. This part is particularly sensitive, as Šilinskas made his last sketches as he was already going blind, and the sound recordings were made after the architect had lost his eyesight.

The exhibition contained family-owned paintings, several drawings from the Vilnius County Archives, as well as photographs and drawings from the collections of the National Museum of Lithuania.