Having graduated from the State Art Institute majoring in architecture in 1960, he began to work at the Institute of Communal Economy, and creative work receded to the background. The amount of work increased, and the designed objects became larger and more significant. In 1967, he began to work at the Resort Planning Institute.

The architect’s more important projects:
– “Palanga” restaurant in Vilnius (with Algimantas Zaviša in 1965),
– the interior of the Vilnius railway terminal (1965) (read more),
– “Vilnius” spa in Druskininkai (1973),
– “Gintaras” spa in Palanga (1975),
– the club and restaurant of “Neringa” spa in Palanga (1975),
– “Versmė” spa in Birštonas (1975) (read more),
– the physiotherapy centre with 200 baths in Druskininkai (1981) (read more),
– the sleeping wing of “Pušynas” spa (1982).

In 1987, while working at “Monolitas” experimental company, he contributed to the improvement of the developed projects.

Šilinskas was conferred the name of merited architect and a state award of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for the physiotherapy center complex*.


* At the physiotherapy center construction:

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